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Chimney Blockages Should Be Cleared Or Repaired Quickly

Your roof is one of the most important things to keep in good condition if you want to maintain the value of your home. This is a fact most homeowners are already aware of, but there's one particular structure located on the roof that can still manage to go overlooked. Your chimney plays a key role in keeping your use of the house's fireplace as safe as possible. A chimney that is starting to develop some kind of blockage could create a dangerous situation for you and your family. Here are some potential scenarios where you will want to reach out to an expert on chimney repair sooner rather than later.

You Have a Buildup of Creosote From Using the Fireplace Frequently

Creosote is a substance that can build up on the inside of the chimney as smoke rises up from the fireplace. Creosote is essentially coal or soot residue that gets caked onto the insides of the chimney. It's a flammable substance with similar properties to oil and allowing too much of it to accumulate within your chimney is a recipe for disaster. Creosote slowly builds up over time, but if you are using your fireplace frequently, you may want to inspect the fireplace for this particular issue. Any significant buildup of creosote should be cleared by a professional in order to prevent a fire or other issues.

Creosote Isn't the Only Thing That Can Cause Trouble Within the Chimney

While creosote is a common problem that homeowners might know to watch out for, there are plenty of other problems that can develop within a chimney. Even something as simple as a bird making a nest inside your chimney could start a fire.

Likewise, a crumbling chimney brick could also cause an obstruction that will not allow smoke or carbon monoxide to properly escape from your home. If black smoke is coming back down into your home, that will be fairly obvious, but carbon monoxide is notoriously difficult to track.

Make sure your house has a carbon monoxide detector located in the same room as the fireplace so you can get notified of a potential problem as soon as it occurs. If it seems like the chimney is not doing its job due to some kind of blockage, get a professional chimney sweep to look at the situation. They will figure out a solution before your family breathes in too much of that bad air. To learn more, contact a chimney repair service