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Amish Pole Framing Construction

Amish pole barns traditionally feature high ceilings and uninterrupted interior space. Components used to construct this type of barn are typically prefabricated. As a result, the construction of a pole barn can be completed quicker than the construction of a stick-built structure.

Quality Craftsmanship

The Amish community is noted for the quality craftsmanship that goes into the construction of a barn, a home, or a garage. Pole framing is a building technique that utilizes large poles or posts. The wooden materials are used to provide vertical and horizontal structural support. Pole framing supports the use of any wood variety. Wooden poles or posts are typically laminated during the manufacturing process.

The laminating material that is applied to wood will preserve its appearance and texture and prevent the elements from causing structural materials to rot. A stick-built framing process tends to take longer than Amish pole barn construction techniques. Most of the wood that is used to construct a stick-built frame may be prepared onsite. Additionally, preservation materials that are designed to protect wooden components may not be applied until after the construction process is complete.

Custom Features

Pole barn construction is not limited to the building of a large structure. This building style can be used to construct a small or large building. A small barn can be used to store grain, farm machinery, and hand tools. A large barn can be used to store farming essentials and to provide housing for livestock. A garage or a home that utilizes pole framing construction techniques can be designed to resemble a barn.

The inside of a garage or home will have high ceilings that will make the inside of a structure feel spacious. Large bay windows, wainscoting, and a wraparound porch are some aesthetical features that can turn a plain structure into one that is vastly unique from a standard barn or home. Many construction companies may focus on using wood for the structural aspects and offer some varying materials for the siding and accent features that will comprise the exterior of a structure.

Steel panels may be used to enclose a barn or a home. Stone veneers or wood paneling can be added to the exterior. These materials will add textural and color elements that may be complementary to the property that surrounds a new home, garage, or barn. A construction contractor will provide a cost estimate for all of the materials that are being used to customize a new structure.

For more information on Amish pole barn construction, contact a professional near you.