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2 Benefits Of Hiring A GPR Concrete Scanning Service Before Beginning Construction Over An Old Site

While surveying the area for a job, you may have discovered that there are remnants of an old building on the site. While the building may be gone, a large concrete slab is still in place that you will need to break through and remove. Before you start the job, you need to take steps to know what is underneath the slab.

While property records and blueprints can give you some idea, you will need to have more accurate readings. Below are a couple of the benefits of obtaining those reading by hiring a service that performs ground-penetrating radar (GPR) scanning.

1. Tells You the Exact Locations of Any Electrical Conduits, Gas Lines, and Other Utility Lines

One benefit of having the area under the concrete scanned is that doing so tells you the exact locations of underground utility lines. Especially since a building was once already on the site, there may be gas lines and electrical conduits running under the slab.

While previous building blueprints can give you an idea of their locations, the lines may have shifted over time. You may believe you know a gas line is in a specific area but should not risk hitting it when you start to dig. When the area is GPR scanned, the report will tell you not only the locations but also the depths of the lines. 

2. Lets You Know of Any Subterranean Anomalies Such as Air Pockets and Voids

Another advantage to having the area scanned before construction begins is that the report will let you know of any subterranean anomalies. Such anomalies as air pockets and unexpected voids can create a safety hazard if your workers attempt to dig in their areas. 

The GPR scanning report can also let you know of any undocumented structures underneath the slab. While you may have the original blueprints, it is always a possibility that the previous owners of the building dug deeper and built sublevel rooms. The scan can tell you about these large areas so you can plan accordingly.

Before you begin working at an old construction site, you need to know what is underneath the concrete surface to ensure no damage is done. Having someone use a deep penetrating scanner can let you know the locations of any utility lines. It can also alert you to any voids or air pockets that will require extra care during construction. For more information, contact a contractor who offers GPR concrete scanning services.