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2 Signs It's Time To Replace The Boiler Pump In Your Business's Central Heating System

If your business utilizes a boiler as the heart of its heating system, you may have noticed lately that the building is no longer getting as warm as it should. While the boiler itself is responsible for generating the steam necessary to produce heat, the pump within the boiler's system is what delivers the water needed to produce that steam.

When the pump fails, the boiler is no longer able to work correctly. Before the heating system fails completely, look for a couple of the signs discussed below that the boiler pump is causing the issue with your business's central heating system and needs to be replaced.

1. The Boiler Is Unable to Maintain Pressure Because the Pump Is Leaking Water

One sign that the boiler pump is failing and should be replaced as soon as possible is when the boiler is no longer able to maintain the correct pressure. This loss of pressure is often caused by a water leak somewhere inside the pump.

When the pump is leaking water, the otherwise closed system needed to generate water pressure is compromised, making it difficult for the boiler to maintain its pressure and produce the required amount of steam. When examining the pump, you may see water dripping from the fittings or find areas of rust indicating a slow leak.

2. The Pump Has Started to Make a Low Humming Sound When the Boiler Is Running

Another sign that the boiler pump needs replacing is when you start hearing a low humming sound whenever the boiler is running. This humming is caused by the motor within the pump.

When the motor gets old and worn out, it will start to strain as it tries to push water through the system. Eventually, the strain will become too much on the pump's motor and will quit working altogether. Before the boiler pump dies completely, you should go ahead and have it replaced.

When the pump goes out on your boiler, it will not be able to maintain the pressure and steam needed to keep the unit working correctly. The reason for the failure could be that the pump itself has a leak. Or the pump's motor may be straining because it is worn out and may soon break down completely. Before this happens, contact a business that offers boiler pump replacement services to schedule a time for a technician to come and take a look at it.