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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Ignore Chimney Damage

If you've noticed that your chimney has some minor problems, then you might not feel in any rush to arrange a repair. However, chimney damage can be more serious than it looks. You should contact a professional chimney repair company sooner rather than later.

What can go wrong if you don't fix chimney damage fast?

1. The Chimney Might Fall Down

If a chimney isn't intact and held firmly in place, then it might fall. While the damage you have might seem small, you don't know what is going on with the chimney in areas you can't see.

Unstable chimneys can fall down in high winds. As well as replacing the chimney, you might also have to deal with any damage it made to your roof or walls when it fell. Plus, if someone is unlucky enough to be below the chimney when it falls, then they could get seriously hurt.

A chimney repair specialist can assess the state of your chimney. If they feel that it is unstable, they can shore it up until they can make good the damage.

2. The Chimney Might Let Water Into Your Home

Like any part of your roof, your chimney helps keep water out of your property. However, even a small area of damage can allow water inside the chimney or your roof. Once water gets in it can cause serious damage to the structure of your roof and the rooms under it.

If a chimney has crumbling or missing mortar, then it isn't able to keep water out. Cracks in old bricks are also a problem.

Here, your chimney repair contractor can make repairs to waterproof the chimney. For example, they might replace old mortar and crumbling bricks. Or, they can add a waterproofing sealant to the chimney to help it keep water out of your home.

3. The Chimney Might Attract Birds and Animals

If you have an open working chimney, then you probably have some kind of cap on its top. These caps block off the top of the chimney while allowing air in and out. They stop leaves and other debris from coming down the chimney; they also make it hard for animals and birds to move into the space.

If an animal or bird sets up their home in your chimney or dies in it, then you have a problem. Their nest or body will block your flue and prevent harmful smoke, gases, and toxic materials from getting out of your home. This compromises your health.

If your cap is damaged, then your chimney repair contractor can remove it and put a new one in place. This makes your chimney safe again.

For a professional fix, contact local chimney repair contractors.