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Can A Roofer Repair A Tree-Damaged Roof?

If your roof recently sustained minor damage from a fallen tree limb, you may wonder whether or not you should fix your roof now or wait until later on in the year. No matter how small the damage is on your roof, you want to have a roofer repair it as soon as possible. Minor damage can still cause major problems for your roof and home in the future, including leaks. Learn why it's important to repair your tree-damaged roof below.

How Damaged Is Your Roof? 

Although the damage to your roof may appear small at first glance, it actually may not be. Some tree limbs can be heavy enough to damage other structures. The small damage in your roof may not be the only problem in your roof right now.

A fallen tree limb can puncture, scratch, and even remove shingles from your roof. Each problem can expose the materials on your roof to rainwater, rodents, and even excessive heat from the sun. The damage to your roof may not become apparent until rainwater leaks into your attic or ceiling. Mice and other rodents may also take advantage of the damage on your roof and enter your house during the year. 

Even if you can't see anything wrong with your roof right now, you still want to call a roofer for help. A roofer can assess the tree damage on your roof and take the appropriate steps to repair it.

How Do You Fix a Tree-Damaged Roof?

The results of a roofer's assessment may determine how they repair your roof. If the surface of your roof is virtually intact and doesn't have any holes in it, a roofer will recommend you inspect your roof again at a later date. Some roof damage doesn't become apparent until later on in the year. If you notice water stains in your attic or ceiling, report the problems to a roofer immediately. 

If a tree limb damaged the surface of your roof, a roofer will assess the materials beneath it. The damage may have penetrated and damaged the layers beneath the roof's surface, including the parts of the roof that keep rainwater out of your home. In this case, a roofer will make repairs to the damaged parts of your roof. You can also opt to replace your entire roof if you feel comfortable doing so.

Learn more about tree-damaged roofs by calling a roof contractor today.