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Should You Use Real Wood Cabinets In Your Space?

For years, if you bought cabinets, they were made from wood. That was simply the only material that could feasibly be used to make cabinets. Today, however, there are other materials available. Some cabinets are made from medium-density foamboard, or MDF. Others are made from composite or particle board — which contain wood but are not solid natural wood. With all of these options now available, it is worth asking yourself: are wood cabinets still the right choice for your space? Here are some questions to ponder as you make your decision.

Will the cabinets be exposed to a lot of moisture?

Wood cabinets work just fine when exposed to the average amount of moisture they encounter in a kitchen. However, they are not always the best choice for a bathroom, since bathrooms tend to get really humid and moist, overall. The humidity in a bathroom can seep into the wood cabinet and cause it to warp or distort. Wood cabinets may also not be the best choice for a garage if the garage is not tightly sealed. 

Do you want a natural wood finish?

Think about how you want your cabinets to look. Are you picturing natural wood doors, perhaps with a nice stain? If so, there's really no way to get this look other than with real wood cabinets. Some composite cabinets may be made to look like wood, but you can tell the difference if you look closely. On the other hand, if you want painted and colorful cabinets, then you do not have to stick with wood. MDF may be more affordable, and it looks about the same as wood once it is painted.

What is your budget?

Wood cabinets can be beautiful and long-lasting, but they also tend to cost a bit more than cabinets made from other materials. Get a quote for wood cabinets and another quote for MDF or particleboard cabinets. See how the quotes compare. If you like wood, you may decide it's worth splurging. But if your budget is really tight, you may be better off with a different material. Cabinet materials other than wood are still durable and long-lasting, but for less.

Real wood cabinets are still a great option for many people, but they are no longer your only cabinet option. It's worth doing your research and getting a few quotes before you choose a cabinet material for your space. For more information on wood cabinets, contact a local cabinetmaker.