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3 Things To Know About Boundary Surveying

When it comes to property, knowing exactly where the property line is can be trickier than anticipated. Boundary surveying is a way to determine where a property ends and begins. Dring a boundary survey or a property survey, a surveyor determines where the boundaries of a property lie. There are many benefits to obtaining this type of survey, and in some instances, it's a necessity. Here are three things to know about boundary surveying.

Why You Need A Survey

The first thing that you should know about boundary surveying is why it is useful and often necessary. If you are buying a home, your lender may require that you get a property survey before the sale is final. A survey will also let you know exactly how much property you are paying for. If you already own your home and plan to make changes or improvements, boundary surveying is essential. A survey will ensure that you are only making changes to your property and not your neighbor's property. It is also an excellent way to avoid potential disputes during construction.

How Much Surveying Costs

Another thing to know about boundary surveying is how much it will cost. The good news is that the service is relatively affordable. On average, this type of property survey will cost between $346 and $680. Boundary surveying will let you know where the legal boundaries of your property are located — knowing the location of the boundaries of your property is very valuable information. Having a boundary survey done before you start a construction project can also help prevent potential legal disputes with your neighbors.

How To Hire A Surveyor

If you require a property survey, you will want to hire a professional surveyor to perform this service. Land surveying is a specialized field, and you want to hire someone who has the right equipment and training. There are a few ways to find a land surveyor, but many find one through word of mouth. A real estate agent or construction professional can often guide you to a land surveyor. Once you find a surveyor you want to work with, make sure they have experience and are licensed in your state.

Boundary surveying is something that you may find that you need at some point, and there are a few things to know. First, boundary surveys are often required when you buy a home or when you want to make changes to your property. Hiring a surveyor can be challenging, but word of mouth is often the best way to find the right fit.