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Have you ever paid attention to just how much work the average contractor can get done in a day? They seem to work at lightning speed, but it's not because they are cutting corners. It's because they are experts, and in many cases, they are experts with a lot of experience. You could install cabinets, lay flooring, or wire a light fixture pretty quickly, too, if you had done it 500 times before! Because we really admire both the speed and dexterity with which contractors are able to work, we decided to write more about this topic for readers like you. You'll find those articles here.


Add Some Pop to Your Construction With Colored Wood Fiber Panels

Wood offers a natural look that is highly desirable for some forms of construction. Basic plywood does have its downsides though, including needing regular maintenance to maintain its natural look and being somewhat limited in color scheme. But today, it's possible to use colored wood fiber panels like those you might find at a Valchromat wholesale distributor to add some additional flair or pop to your build as well as other desirable properties. Here's why you might want to look into colored wood fiber panels for your next project.

Bold Color That Doesn't Fade Over Time

When you use colored wood fiber panels, you are using a material that has been dyed at an organic level. Each fiber has been coated with dye in a way that will ensure longevity. These wood fiber panels will still look as bold or as colorful years from now as they did the day they were installed.

Wood Fibre Panels With a Special Finish for Additional Benefits

Valchromat and other similar wood fiber panels can come in a variety of different finishes. Do you want your wood panels to have a matte look or a flashier, glossier look? Perhaps you want to increase the safety of your structure by including chemicals in the finish that will make the panel more fire-resistant. If the wood panels will be installed outdoors, you could include a finish that offers protection from UV rays. The possibilities are really limitless.

No Need for Significant Maintenance

If you want the change the color of traditional wood or maintain its natural look, you'll typically need to re-apply a stainer or sealant on a regular basis. But with these types of colored wood fiber panels, that's not necessary. The color is dyed in at a level that ensures it will not fade over time, even when exposed to the elements. This means that going with these fiber panels as opposed to traditional wood will make your life easier in the long run because regular maintenance will simply not be as necessary.

Do you want to add the natural look of wood to a certain space or project but without the hassles that can come with having to protect and maintain its looks over time? Today, more and more people are turning to colored wood fiber panels like Valchromat to help them get the job done. Add some pop to your new build or design by contacting a local wholesale distributor, such as Trinity Innovations, today.