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Have you ever paid attention to just how much work the average contractor can get done in a day? They seem to work at lightning speed, but it's not because they are cutting corners. It's because they are experts, and in many cases, they are experts with a lot of experience. You could install cabinets, lay flooring, or wire a light fixture pretty quickly, too, if you had done it 500 times before! Because we really admire both the speed and dexterity with which contractors are able to work, we decided to write more about this topic for readers like you. You'll find those articles here.


Metal Roof Accessories To Consider

Metal roofing contractors can provide much more than just basic exposed-fastener metal roof panels. Nowadays, more complex systems, such as interlocking hidden-fastener panels or even metal shingles designed to look like some other type of roofing, are available as well. And, to finish your roof off, you may want some accessories, such as ancillary products or ornamentations. Here are some of the metal roof accessories you should consider for your metal roof.

Snow guards

Unlike most other types of roofing, metal roofing can be very slippery and can shed snow automatically. Snow guards are accessories installed parallel to the edge of your roof to keep it from dropping an avalanche of snow on you during the winter.

If you live in a place that gets a significant amount of snow, you should consider installing snow guards. When selecting snow guards, be sure to choose metal ones, as plastic is more likely to become brittle and crack eventually due to weather exposure.

Solar panel brackets

A metal roof is uniquely suited to solar panel installation. One reason is because metal roofs tend to last a long time. You won't have to deal with the expense of repeatedly removing and re-installing the solar panels to replace the roof if you can simply plan to replace both at the same time instead. 

If you plan to install solar panels at some point in the near future, solar panel brackets are worth looking into. Keep in mind that these brackets only snap in place if you have a standing seam metal roof. With any other type of metal roof, solar panels will require a different method of application. Thin-film solar panels, for instance, can adhere directly to the roof's surface.

Weathervanes, finials, and other ornaments

Weathervanes can look elegant on top of a gleaming metal roof. Or, depending on the one you choose, they can look whimsical or rustic. While you may think of a rooster's silhouette when you hear the word weathervane, the truth is that you can find weathervanes with dogs, cats, farm animals, vehicles, or many other shapes as well. Your roofing company can help you find and install a weathervane to fit your aesthetic.

If you're not looking for a weathervane aesthetic, you may still want to ornament your metal roof with decorative elements. Your metal roofing company may carry metal ornaments such as finials, which can be a great accessory to add to your roof. You may even be able to find ornaments that match your roof's material and color.

These are just some of the accessories your roofing contractor can help you add to your metal roof. Get in touch with a local metal roof installation company, such as Blue Water Roofing, to learn more about ornamenting an existing metal roof or installing a new one.