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How To Buy Trusses For Your Construction Project

If you are working on a building project and need building trusses for the roof, you need to determine the type of truss roof you will use and the truss style required to support it. If you have designs from an architect or engineer, they may have already worked out the truss design for you, but if not, you are likely going to need some help when it comes time to purchase trusses for your structure.

Engineered Trusses

It is essential that any truss roof is well-engineered to ensure that the trusses will support the roof's weight, as well as anything on it. Most residential roofs don't have a lot of equipment on them unless you are installing solar panels on the roof, but in areas where significant amounts of snowfall in the winter, that load needs to be considered.

The truss roof needs to be able to carry the load over the entire span with minimal interior support, especially in spaces that are wide open; you do not want to use columns or bearing walls. If the truss is engineered correctly, it can be custom-made to carry the weight over the span. Still, the trusses must be constructed by a company that can produce the number you need to the exact specs that your architect or engineer designed them.

Any variation in the design could leave the truss roof weak, and there could be a potential for collapse with any additional load. Many building materials suppliers can order the trusses from a reputable builder who will build the trusses to the exact design that the engineer specified, ensuring you the highest quality building trusses for your project.

Truss Suppliers

If you have a local lumber company or truss builder in your area, you may want to work with them directly to get the building trusses you need. A project like an addition to your home that you are designing can leave you needing to work out the truss roof yourself. 

Many companies that make building trusses offer some design help, so you can give them the specs of the building or addition, and they will have an engineer working for the company work out the dimensions and design of the trusses to ensure they are going to stand up to the weight and use of the roof. If you tie the trusses into the side of the house, the design is very different from building trusses that are free-standing on a structure.

Working with the engineer closely to ensure the design is correct is essential, and using a local truss company is a great way to ensure you have support if there is an issue with the truss roof as a result of the design.