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How To Choose The Right Residential Roofing For Your Home

There are a few common types of residential roofing to consider when you're getting a new roof put on. Asphalt shingles, tiles (concrete, clay, or slate), and metal roofing are three popular types of roofs. Choosing the right roof takes some thought since your new roof could last for decades. Here's how to select the right residential roofing for your home. 

Think About Your Budget

One of the most important considerations for a new roof is the cost, and the cost of different roofing materials varies quite a bit. Three-tab shingles are the most affordable, and tiles are the most expensive. If your budget for installation is tight, then asphalt shingles are a good choice. You'll have to replace them sooner than you would metal or tile roofing, but the upfront cost will be easier to manage than the cost of higher-quality roofing materials.

Consider The Architecture Of Your Home

Shingles, tiles, and metal roofing work on nearly any type of home. However, some architectural styles are better matched to certain types of roofing. For instance, Spanish or Mediterranean homes work well with clay tiles. A rustic cabin might work better with metal than with asphalt shingles. However, your choice depends on your personal preferences and how you want your home to look.

Match The Roof To Your Environment

If your area has wildfires or hail, you might want a roof that is more durable than asphalt shingles. Metal might be a good choice or even tile. If you want an asphalt shingle roof but you also want more durability, consider high-quality shingles that are thicker and more durable than three-tab shingles. They cost more, but they last longer and tolerate storms better.

Look At Longevity

It's always good to think about when the roof will need to be replaced. That way, you can estimate what your budget and expenses might be around that time. If a new asphalt shingle roof will need to be replaced at the same time your kids have grown and are ready for college, that might put a strain on your finances. You might prefer metal roofing and pay more upfront but get several more years of life from your roof.

If you're ready to retire, you may want roofing that lasts the rest of your life so you won't have to worry about getting a new roof when you're well into your senior years.

Asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and tile roofs are all good choices for residential roofing. Any would be suitable for your home. To choose one, think about appearance, cost, and durability so you choose the best roof for your home.

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