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A Home Site Clearing Contractor Gets Rid Of Mature Trees, Tangled Brush, And Boulders

If you bought a parcel of land to build a home on, you may need to clear the land before construction begins. A construction contractor usually wants your lot to be cleared down to the bare soil where your house will be built. They'll also want a wide enough border that heavy equipment can work from all sides of your house.

If your lot is small, that could entail clearing your entire lot. If you bought a large parcel of land, you may only need to clear the space as designated by the construction contractor. This allows you to save mature trees when possible. Here are other things to know about home site clearing.

Trees Can Be Knocked Down Rather Than Sawed

Knocking down trees to clear a home site goes fairly fast since heavy equipment can be used to knock a tree down and pull up the stump. This is a much better way to get rid of trees than cutting them down individually and grinding away the stump, especially when there are no buildings near your home site that could be damaged.

The trees won't have to be cut into smaller chunks to haul away either. Instead, the roots and branches can be trimmed off and the trunks stacked for a lumber company to haul away and use.

Brush Can Be Mulched And Mixed Into The Soil

Thick tangled brush is easy to get rid of too if you have heavy equipment made for the job. Brush can be turned into mulch on the spot. After that, the mulch can be mixed with the soil so it can decay and nourish the soil or the ground brush can be snooped up and hauled away.

Hiring a home site clearing company to bring in their equipment to cut through brush can save you a lot of time. You might be able to cut through the brush yourself, but it is very slow work that takes a long time if you're using hand tools.

Boulders Can Be Dug Out And Hauled Away

Besides trees and brush, you may need the home site clearing company to dig up and get rid of boulders buried on your property. It's a good idea to get rid of them while the home site clearing company is already on your property so you won't have to call them back later if you want to put in a pool, septic system, or drill for a well in an area with big boulders in the ground.

Your home site can be cleared quickly with a contractor and heavy machinery doing all of the work. They'll haul away all the debris they collected and leave the building site clear down to the soil so construction can begin.

Contact a company like Piedmont Site Works to learn more about home site clearing.