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Common FAQs About Purchasing Asphalt

Are you planning to make room in your budget for asphalt pavement installation? If so, you likely have quite a few questions about pricing and cost. When you purchase asphalt, there can be a lot of factors to consider. Here is a look at a few of the most common questions about the costs of purchasing asphalt. 

How are you charged for asphalt?

In general terms, most contractors will charge by the square foot or square yard for asphalt mix. For example, if your driveway or parking area is 100 square yards, you will be charged for 100 square yards of asphalt. Keep in mind, the thickness required for the installation can also affect how much asphalt is needed for the project. 

Will you be charged separately for the asphalt materials and installation?

Yes. When you get an estimate for a pavement installation process, you should see a breakdown that details how much you will pay for the actual asphalt and how much you will pay for the installation. Asphalt pavement installation can take a lot of equipment and people to get the job completed effectively. Therefore, installation costs can be even more costly than the asphalt itself for a lot of projects. 

Do asphalt costs stay consistent across different regions?

For the most part, you will pay a similar price when you purchase asphalt no matter where you are located. However, there can be some minimal geographic differences in the pricing. For example, if asphalt is in higher demand on the west coast than on the east coast, then materials pricing may be more expensive if you live on the west coast. Access to certain types of aggregate may also affect asphalt pricing. For example, if your region is rich in limestone and has several quarries nearby, you may see some cost savings because limestone is a common aggregate used to make asphalt. 

Will aggregate choice affect the cost of asphalt?

Aggregate choice can definitely affect the end cost when you purchase asphalt. A lot of paving contractors will use the same aggregate or hot mix and not offer customers a choice in what types of aggregate are used. However, some contractors do actually have different options available. For instance, you may find a contractor that offers the choice between steel slag aggregate and crushed rock aggregate. Because the materials come at a different cost to the contractor, they can also pose different end prices for you as the customer.  

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